WHY 312?

Over the years, so many people have asked us: “Why 312?” We thought that today, 3/12/21, would be the perfect day to share the story.

Do you happen to have a number that follows you around in life? Sometimes it’s called an “angel number” because it seems to be looking out for you and bringing you luck. Well, for our Owner and Lead Designer Donna Sadwin, that number is 312! Amazingly, these 3-digits have found their way into Donna’s life in her social security number, street addresses, 2 license plates, bank accounts, credit card numbers and other official numbers that are randomly assigned. Donna was also born on the 312th day of the year!

Inspired by this number, 10 years ago in 2011, Donna decided to convert her art studio space at street address 312 into a studio devoted to interior design. Thus, Design Studio 312, LLC was born! And the positivity this number has brought to Donna’s life has certainly extended to her company over the last decade.

In 2015, this interior design company expanded to include home staging as well. And since then, the staging division has grown in leaps and bounds as we continue to keep up with a demanding real estate market. We have brought great success to our staging clients by consistently helping them to sell homes faster and for more money. And our numbers are rising every week!

So now you know why "312."

Everyone in our company sees “312” so much while we’re out in the world that we have started sharing our random “312” sightings on our social media! Follow us on Facebook and Instagram @DesignStudio312 to see all the places this magical number pops up. And if you see “312” somewhere, send us a picture through email or direct message so we can share it!

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