Home staging is the purposeful arrangement of furniture, accessories, art, etc. in a way that best highlights the form and function of each room in a house. Think of a home as a person’s body; staging is that ultra-flattering outfit!

What is Home Staging?

The goal of home staging is to make a house as appealing as possible to the highest possible amount of potential buyers. This helps the house sell quicker and for more money. Staging also creates a sub-conscious emotional response for potential buyers. This is achieved through color, proportion and style. When people who are touring a home feel envy about a beautiful space, or get the feeling that they are “at home,” this prompts them to want to buy!

Professional staging is especially important in the 21st century when the vast majority of people are shopping online for homes before they ever go see them in-person. When a potential buyer is scouring apps or the internet and looking at many listings at a time, a staged home with remarkable photos is going to be much more memorable and inviting than endless pictures of empty rooms. Here at DS312, we always stage homes with the photographs in mind. A room may look amazing in person, but we want to ensure that it will photograph well and grab attention online.

Staging not only highlights the home and makes it look great in pictures, it also helps take away negative feelings that may arise as potential buyers tour a home. As people walk through a house for sale, questions and confusion may arise about how a room should be used, if a room is large enough to be a bedroom, “where do I put my TV?” and so on. Precise furniture placement in staging provides clarity and inspiration and takes away intimidation and confusion.  Believe it or not, a staged room actually appears larger than an empty room!

Here at DS312, we really believe in the importance and efficacy of staging a home for real estate sale. We know from daily, first-hand experience that staging helps a house sell faster and for more money! Keep an eye out for more blog posts that will explain empty vs. owner occupied staging and also what to expect when hiring us to stage for you or your clients!

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