May 25th, 2021 marked 10 years of Design Studio 312, LLC! Our owner and lead designer, Donna Sadwin, has been doing interior design for decades, designing worldwide on 4 continents. In 2011, she decided to establish a new design studio in Audubon, NJ and thus, Design Studio 312, LLC was born! The business quickly blossomed.


Home staging is the purposeful arrangement of furniture, accessories, art, etc. in a way that best highlights the form and function of each room in a house. Think of a home as a person’s body; staging is that ultra-flattering outfit!

WHY 312?

Over the years, so many people have asked us: “Why 312?” We thought that today, 3/12/21, would be the perfect day to share the story.

Do you happen to have a number that follows you around in life? Sometimes it’s called an “angel number” because it seems to be looking out for you and bringing you luck. Well, for our Owner and Lead Designer Donna Sadwin, that number is 312! Amazingly, these 3-digits have found their way into Donna’s life in her social security number, street addresses, 2 license plates, bank accounts, credit card numbers and other official numbers that are randomly assigned. Donna was also born on the 312th day of the year!


Although we are best known for our real estate home staging, we are Interior Designers first with 40+ years of experience! One of our favorite rooms to design for our clients is the bathroom. A bathroom serves an essential purpose within a home, but it is also a space that has so much potential to be beautiful as well as functional! The key to achieving this effect is in the tile!


As Interior Designers, Stagers, and all-around creative people, we here at Design Studio 312 are excited to launch our blog! We have a true passion for the wide world of design and this will be a platform for us to share our knowledge with you. Whether it be about selling your home, design trends, DIY projects, dos and don’ts, or more, we are happy to spread the word and allow our expertise to help you. Keep up with us to learn (almost)all of our tricks and tips!


Apartments and small houses are undoubtedly feeling much smaller now that they are doing double-duty as a living and working space for the foreseeable future. Our Interior Designers have come up with a list of tricks you can use in your home right now to make small spaces feel larger:

Minimize Clutter: Clutter increases stress! Keep your linear surfaces clean and free of unnecessary items. Place a trash can where you open the mail to immediately discard what’s trash and avoid making piles. Pack away items you no longer need. Things can be packed in boxes or bags in closets and donated at a later time when it is considered safe to do so. This is a great time to purge!

Rearrange Your Furniture: It’s understandable that many people set up their furniture arrangements when they move in and never give it another thought. Use some of your extra time at home and recruit the whole family into experimenting with different ways to arrange furniture to make your space more efficient, more appropriate for working from home and to create a better flow. Be sure pathways are clear and wide enough for unobstructed passage. Keep moving until your room feels larger!

Draw The Eye Up: Vertical space is something you already have in your home or apartment, put it to use! Hanging plants from the ceiling or placing plants or other items on tall shelves will draw the eye up and give the illusion of a larger room. It also adds joy in place of empty space on the walls up there. You can also create a gallery wall of photos and art that extends upward which will look very grand and add to the appearance that your space is larger than it is!

If you are feeling a bit challenged by any of this, we are available remotely by phone, email, text, Zoom, and FaceTime to help guide you through making the most of your small space! Contact us at info@designstudio312.com or 856-656-6717 for more information and to make an appointment.