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The best painting team in the Philadelphia Metro

Design Studio 312 has a team of skilled painters who have expert level experience in interior painting. Our team leader has been painting interiors for decades, and holds the unofficial title of having the steadiest hands in the business.

Because we also stage homes for sale, we are proficient in keeping furniture safe.

We take our home staging experience to the painting division as well. We make sure all your furniture is covered and cannot get damaged by falling paint droplets.

If your bigger concern is which colors to choose, we can help there as well. Our professional designers can work with you to select the right color palette for your project.


Painting process:
First, we will meet with you to find your specific needs and goals. Then, we measure the area(s) that you would like to have painted. Next, we calculate the amount of time, and estimated cost of the project. After that, we determine the best start time that works for you and your schedule, and then we begin. Our team will take care of all prep work and anything that may need to move away from the walls.
Preparation process:
Each piece of furniture is inspected, photographed, and assessed as to whether or not it can stay in the room during the painting process. Those pieces that can be moved will be moved, and those that can stay will be carefully covered to keep all surfaces paint free.

“I am very happy with everything! You can use me as a reference anytime. I’ll be recommending you to my friends.” Helen D.

“I love the color! I can’t wait for the next room to be painted.” Stefanie F.

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