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Design solutions based on the science and psychology of color and spatial orientation.


We, at Design Studio 312, LLC offer a proven, quantifiable system, based on the science and psychology of color and furniture orientation to create the desired feeling. Whether your goal is to sell your home quickly or make a relaxing getaway in your living room, we will get you the feeling you want from your living space. With our system, there are no obstacles that can stop us from achieving the custom living space of your dreams.

The most important part of productive living is where we spend our time. Whether it's where we eat, work, sleep, play, or explore, these living spaces sculpt how we feel in our everyday lives. Our design services correct your living and working spaces, providing you with the worry-free life experience that you deserve.

Take control of your life and make your space work for you.

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Donna Sadwin, BFA: Owner / Designer / Stager

During her world travels, Donna Sadwin has created designs on four continents. Her goal is to create spaces where people can be more comfortable to live and work. With a dual degree in design and psychology, she interviews her clients to determine the desired emotion or "feel" of a room. Using the appropriate colors and textures within the given physical structure, she wants to exceed expectations of how great a room can become.

When approached to develop a staging division, it was a natural blend for this professional designer to also stage real estate so the properties can be shown at optimum visual presentation. Her eye for artistic details and knowledge of the potential buyer's wants and needs has helped properties sell faster.

To speak with Donna, call 856-656-6717.

Michael O’Leary: CEO

Michael O'Leary got his start in real estate in 2014. While showing houses to prospective buyers, he realized how important staging was to the get a sale quick, with the least amount of negotiations. This led him to join forces with Design Studio 312, LLC to launch the Staging division of the company. With a bachelor's degree in psychology, his experience allows him to aid in the psychological component of expediting real-estate sales. His journey in real estate and business had come full circle and he is also an accomplished investor himself.

Get in touch with Michael about staging and other services at 856-630-1789.

Brianna N. Love: Designer, Stager, & Marketing Manager

Brianna has a passion for Interior Design and Home Staging. She possesses an innovative skill set on thinking outside the box when there's a problem to be resolved. Her creativity and eye for detail make her an important asset to our company and to our clients.

Her creativity also shines in social media content and marketing design. Brianna has a degree in Marketing from Rutgers University. While being visually creative on stagings and design projects, she also is handling the marketing aspect of Design Studio 312. Her fun and informative online posts will share our projects, ideas, and helpful design information.

Brianna is excited to be working for a company where she can implement all her creative skills through social media content and design creation.

To speak to Brianna, call 856-656-6717

Reasons to hire Design Studio 312, LLC

  • Using the psychology of colors combined with spatial arrangement techniques
  • Satisfaction guaranteed
  • FREE initial phone consultation
  • Ask about our repeat-customer discounts
  • 40+ years of experience
  • Family owned and operated
  • Real Estate Staging Association (RESA) Founding Board Members Delaware Valley Chapter
  • South Jersey Real Estate Investors Associates (SJREIA) Business Associates
  • Staging cost based on square footage and asking price
  • All staged items are available for sale
  • We enjoy what we do!
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